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  • Destroy the Wicked – Reflection on Psalm 58

    Destroy the Wicked – Reflection on Psalm 58

    Psalm 58:1-11 Psalm 58 Watching the World Burn People gravitate toward the Psalms because of their complete and utter realness. I was taught that if I didn’t have anything nice to say…then don’t say anything. The psalmist doesn’t follow such motherly advice. Instead, the psalmist lets his fury fly. There’s a scene in The Dark…

  • Abandoned – Reflection on Psalm 44

    Abandoned – Reflection on Psalm 44

    Psalm 44:1-26 Confused and Abandoned Sometimes all we can do is cry out to God. Life, as wonderful as it can be, also brings difficulties and confusion. Even our best attempts end up leaving us wondering what went wrong. We believe and hear that God loves us, but at times, we wonder what it means…

  • Morning Reflection 2/12/12

    http://bible.us/Ps87.6.NLT When the Lord registers the nations, he will say, “They have all become citizens of Jerusalem.” The Psalmist sounds a note of hope. No matter who, where, or what, at some point all will be able to say they are “citizens of Jerusalem.” This is a statement of hope and of faith. It is…