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Samsung Chromebook Pro Real World Review

About a week ago I purchased a Samsung Chromebook Pro. I’ve wanted one of these even before they were available. However, it’s taken me about a year to finally get one.

I’ve not been disappointed. In fact, I’ve been extremely impressed. I’ve been so impressed that I decided to do a “Real World Review.” This is not a fancy review. I don’t cover build quality or specifications, but I will share how this laptop has changed how I approach some of my work.

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4 responses to “Samsung Chromebook Pro Real World Review”

  1. Maarten Blankestijn Avatar
    Maarten Blankestijn

    Great video. Nice your happy with it. I use the the plus but only because its gray. Then I don’t see my vingerprints so much ..

    1. David Avatar

      I would rather have the gray, but I also like to run Linux which works better with the Intel chip. If I was only running Android apps and web browsing, I’d go for the Plus and save some money!

  2. Yaahn G Hunter Avatar
    Yaahn G Hunter

    Excellent Video! Thanks for sharing. I am a Pastor also and use a lot of different machines to prepare messages. I have an older Chromebook that is basic but it does have special features that I like.

    1. David Avatar

      I know I’ve only been using this computer for a week, but I already sense it will be my main go to computer. Haven’t touched my Windows laptop. The two tasks that may take me a while to switch would be Logos Bible software, Proclaim, and Powerpoint.

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