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I think the thing about the whole post-modern movement is the feeling that some are making it into some program. It seems like if there is anything that effects the church, we are able to turn it into a program and try to market it. For me, post-modernism is not a program, it is simply the way things are. For a while I was turning away from all the post modern books and such, but what I found is that I felt most comfortable when thinking about the issues post-modernism resources address. I am beginning to have some clarity about where I am in the mix of all this. I have stopped seeing life, and reality as some type of machine to be manipulated. Instead I see it more organically. This has huge implications for me as I serve a church. I’ve long ago tossed aside the programs that the Christian subculture keeps telling me I need to embrace to “save” my church, or have a “successful” church. Instead, I’m seeing this job as much more difficult than knowing the ‘right’ programs to implement. If this church was a machine, then having the right parts might be helpful. It ain’t no machine….I am finding more art to this gig than science. Although, perhaps science might be more art than science too.

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