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Podcasts and Dialup

Perhaps this should be subtitled as “for those who care…”

I find that since I only have dialup at home, I get behind the technology curve quite easily. That is certainly true of podcasting. Even though I’ve figured out how to capture shows such as Prairie Home Companion with Total Recorder podcasting is a bit easier because the feeds are easy to find through iTunes or other podcasting directories.

However, trying to download 6 – 13 meg files over dialup is a real pain. So, for others who are trying to do the same thing, here is my solution.

I use Omea Reader 2.0 (currently beta) to keep current with the podcast feed. Once I find the feed, I can choose to download the enclosure. Since I only have one phone line in which to download files, I use a download manager called Free Download Manager (it’s free!) to queue the download and then set FDM (Free download manager) to download the file later at night when the phone probably won’t be used.

If everything works well, then I’ll have some new podcasts to move to my Tunsten Palm to listen to on the road or other places.

I realize this has nothing to do with Christianity, but many of the podcasts do. Alan Hartung is one who has a podcast on emerging church issues.

There it is….if you are on dialup, I wish you luck. If you are on broadband, I guess this is a document on why you don’t want to go back ;)

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