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More on the Program

Well, my good friend Curt asked that I be a bit more specific on the Doctoral program I’m looking at. So, I thought I’d just do the update here for all to see.

I want my concentration to be in Spiritual Formation, so that left quite a few schools out. I found a program I liked at Gordon-Conwell, but didn’t feel comfortable with the theological slant. I am very much Wesleyan-Arminian, so I don’t believe I would be very comfortable in a Calvinistic environment (which I believe Gordon-Conwell is).

So, I went back to the other program I had been looking at. It is Asbury Theological Seminary’s Doctorate of Ministry. They have a concentration in Spiritual Formation. This program was also listed on Reovare’s site under training.

I was hesitant because I received my M.Div degree from Asbury. But, after looking at the program I felt like it was more in line with what I’m hoping to accomplish. The program at Fuller looked interesting….but it would mean trips to California ;)

I’m filling out applications now. IF I make it, I’ll post more information.

Thanks Curt for making me do this update!!!

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