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It Had to Happen….

Well, I said I would drive my 1992 Geo Prizm until it stopped…and it did. Too bad I was about an hour from home. Also, too bad my wife was with me (so she couldn’t come and pick me up).

While driving the transmission went completely out. So, we were there on the side of the road. Good thing I knew one of the local UMC pastors. He pointed me to a good towing service, who then pointed me to a good repair shop.

I don’t have my car right now. We decided to get it fixed. It was more than I want to pay on a car with 165,000 miles, but it was cheaper than I expected. Now, I guess we get to start the process of looking for a different car so we can replace the Prizm.

So, I am a bit stressed trying to keep up with everything at church, the Katrina Relocation Plan (although Jeff is doing basically _all_ the work now), and trying to find a new car.

Although I have found a cool Volvo, I think because of family issues, we will end up with some type of 1999-2001 Ford Taurus Wagon.

That’s where I am…and why I haven’t written much here.

p.s. Make sure to check out The Katrina Relocation Plan and find some way to implement it (or some type of plan) in your community. This is something that everyone should be involved in because it really does effect all of us.

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