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First Few Days in Scotland

After a long plane ride, we arrived in Scotland. I was glad when we finally arrived, but I did have some problems getting into Scotland, including a quick conversation with the border patrol.

After determining that I wasn’t a threat, they welcomed me into their country! It was good to have the trip behind us.

It was about 9 am local time when we left the airport. We had been traveling for about 17 hours after leaving the house. I had been up for about 22 hours, but we couldn’t check into the hotel until 4. Which meant we would have to find things to do until we could check in.

I planned to get a local sim card so we would have internet access for maps, etc. That plan, did not work out as expected, so we wandered around Edinburgh until we stopped at a Starbucks to figure out how to get to the hotel to drop off our bags (even though we couldn’t check-in).

After dropping off our bags, we headed into Old Town, had some lunch, and looked around. By that time we were exhausted, and it had started raining and the temperature dropped 10 degrees (at least it seemed that way.

We got on a tour bus and listened to the guide share information. We were so tired that we kept dozing off. Even after the tour, we still had an hour or so before we could check-in. So, we found a cafe and sat for a while and then headed to the hotel, checked in, and took a four-hour nap before finding a place for dinner.

The next couple of days have been filled with a lot of walking, going up stairs, eating haggis, blood pudding, and sticky toffee pudding, and seeing many amazing things such as the Edinburgh Castle.

From here we head to Oban on a train for a, hopefully, slower pace than Edinburgh.

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  1. Dan Avatar

    That sounds incredible!

  2. Katherine Haseman Avatar
    Katherine Haseman

    Thankful that both of you arrived safely in Scotland. Enjoy your time there and may God bless you.

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