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Difficult Journey

For the past two years, perhaps longer, I’ve had issues with my health. Over the past three months, my health has continued to deteriorate. I was in ER two times because of a low potassium level. I continue struggling with hypokalemia.

It’s been difficult working with health professionals, but I was blessed to find a doctor and get an appointment quickly. On our first visit, he looked at my last CT scan and was concerned about a cyst on my pancreas. My previous healthcare professionals said they would keep an eye on it, but it wasn’t anything to be concerned with.

The new doctor talked with his colleagues and ordered a EUS, which gives a better picture of the pancreas. He also wanted to check the functioning of my pancreas because I had recently been diagnosed with EPI, meaning that my pancreas was not producing enzymes to digest my food.

I thought EPI was causing all my trouble, and with the diagnosis, and medication (PERT), I would slowly get better. The EUS revealed that my pancreas was working and I didn’t have EPI. It also revealed a neuroendocrine tumor (NET) in the tail of my pancreas.

I’m skipping a lot to shorten this account, but upon deeper research, it seems that the tumor could be causing all my health issues. Some NETs are producing, and some are non-producing. Mine may be producing VIP hormones which would explain all of the symptoms I’ve been facing.

I hoped my hypokalemia would stabilize, but now I doubt it will unless the tumor is removed. I believed once my potassium was in check, I would feel better and could continue living normally. Discovering that the tumor may be the source of all my symptoms has killed any hope of feeling better until the tumor is removed.

At this time, I’m not sure what the future holds. I hope the surgery is sooner, so I can get through this as quickly as possible. Until then, my regular schedule and plans are put on hold.

I don’t know how much I will post as this journey continues. I want to keep those who are concerned up-to-date, and this seems like the best way. If you want to be notified of new postings, you can subscribe to this blog.

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  1. Debbie Stoute Avatar
    Debbie Stoute

    Praying for you David.

    1. David Avatar

      Thank you, Debbie!

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