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Well, I kept hearing about podcasting so I’d thought I’d check it out. I understand the concept, yet, on dialup it isn’t as easy. To make a long story shorter, I was finally able to figure out a way to automatically dial the internet (after midnight) to download a 15 meg podcast. The dialing up was automatic, but I had to manually tell the program what file to download…

Anyway, my first podcast was by Alan Hartung. One of the comments I found interesting was his discussion on church structure. Basically (and I hope I am doing him justice), he said that if your church is still structured around a weekly meeting, you might have some emeregent style changes, but basically your structure remains the same as most churches.

It is easy to say, “We are radical”, but if most of your resources are used by the one weekly meeting, then you are functioning like most other churches (emergent and non-emergent). He had some other comments about this, but you will have to listen yourself.

This topic is one thing with which I struggle. I believe that the church needs to re-evaluate itself, but it seems like the weekly meeting is off limits. After all, the weekly meeting is our life blood. It is where we believe people ‘become’ followers of Christ, it is where we ‘believe’ we disciple others, it is where we believe people should come after our evangelistic efforts. However, it could be that our focus on the weekly meeting is creating followers whose lives focus on that weekly meeting and not the daily days they are living.

As I struggle with this, I have no idea what should take place of that weekly meeting, or what kind of model would work in its place.

He also had some comments about the sermon’s place in this new world, but that is a topic for another time….

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