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Chromebook ChromeOS 53 Android Apps and Crouton Linux conflict

I posted a couple of messages on the Google+ Chromebooks community about an issue I’ve been having with version 53 (dev with Android Apps) and running Linux via Crouton. It took me a while to realize that Linux seemed to be causing my Android Apps to crash. Since I was on DEV I assumed it was just an issue of the ChromeOS developers getting Android Apps integrated into ChromeOS.

When they moved 53 to beta I thought it was odd because I was having A LOT of issues running apps. They would work for a while and then start crashing right and left. I would shut down my chromebook and the apps seem to work fine after restarting…for a while…then they would begin crashing again. When I discovered 53 was in Beta, I wondered if there was something I was doing wrong since I didn’t think Google would release such buggy software to Beta.

A few days ago I realized that Android apps would begin crashing AFTER I started a Linux session. That’s when I put the two behaviors, running Android apps and running Linux, together and noticed that if I didn’t start a Linux session (which was my usual behavior) all was fine.

I don’t know exactly who I should report this issue to. I’ve posted something on the Crouton forums. The issue was already listed there, so I am not the only one having the problem. If this issue is caused by how ChromeOS loads and runs Android apps, I wonder if the Crouton folks can do anything about it. I also wonder if Google cares that Linux is having issues since that is not their main focus. Would Google be motivated to fix this?

My hope is that this issue is resolved. If not, it means I will have to choose to run Linux only when I don’t want to run Android apps, which would be kind of a drag.

Nevertheless, here is a video displaying the behavior.

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