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ABCs of success


One of the problems I have with the church growth movement is that it adopted methods with the assumption that methods are value neutral. This is false: some methods by their very nature distort the message. Focusing on method we bought uncritically into worldly assumptions about how the world works. Most insidious of these were worldly ideals of success (ABCs.. attendance, buildings and cash). In the Enlightenment framework, we were convinced that we could reduce unknown factors sufficiently that we could quantify and therefore control outcomes. We didn’t see our practices as idolatrous.



I really appreciated this article and makes some of the same points I’ve tried to make in the past…basically, we need to relook at how we, as the Church, measure success. Because the standards we use, will affect how we do ministry. I’ve just included an excerpt above. Follow the link for the full story.

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