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A Step Back

I had a bit of a setback since my last update. What started as a call to my surgical team about some swelling in my foot ended with life-threatening concerns and a five-hour ER visit.

After an ultrasound, x-ray, and CT scan, I was diagnosed with two acute pulmonary embolisms in my lungs, which was very concerning. There was a question on whether they would try to remove them surgically but they decided to use blood thinners instead.

I wasn’t looking forward to another surgery, so I am glad with the blood thinner.

Up to that point, I was feeling pretty good. I feel like I’ve taken a step back, which is probably normal.

I had imagined each day of my recovery would be better than the previous day, but recovery doesn’t work like that. Recovery isn’t just one day, followed, by a better day, followed by an even better day. Complications happen. One day might be fantastic, and the next day a struggle.

I don’t know why I thought each day would be better. It is my hope, but the reality of life is different. We go through good times and bad. Some days are easy, and others are difficult. We aren’t promised growth or healing without pain.

We celebrate the good days, giving thanks. We celebrate the bad days because even though we can’t see it, God works both the good and the bad together for our transformation and blessing. God works in the good days, God works in the difficult days. The Good News is, God works! Through it all!

Thank you for all your prayers, comments, cards, and concerns. They truly are a healing power and part of my recovery. I am truly grateful.

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5 responses to “A Step Back”

  1. janhallaf30f112bfb Avatar

    Thank you for sharing your recovery journey. God Works!

  2. Mary L Brown Avatar
    Mary L Brown

    I am truly concerned. I love and pray for you everyday.

  3. Ann Birch Avatar
    Ann Birch

    I pray that all progresses smoothly from here…and that the worries start to subside.

  4. Helen Stephenson Avatar
    Helen Stephenson

    Prayers the healing process will continue even when setbacks come. Thankfull you are now on your home. May the peace of God continue to bring you hope and comfort. We are praying for you and family. We miss you and Delora!!

  5. Debbie Stoute Avatar
    Debbie Stoute

    We have been praying for you and Delora. I know how hard recovery can be but God always has a plan. God loves you and he knows your needs. Your faith is the answer. So glad you don’t need another surgery.

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