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A Renewal At Asbury

Asbury College: Wilmore KY » Catalyst for Renewal: Continous Chapel Services Concluded

I missed this as it was happening…Ironic, but I was probably working on my paper for my doctoral studies at Asbury Seminary while the renewal (revival?) was going on at Asbury College). Anyway, the link is at the top and you can also read more here

It is interesting that because of the revival at Asbury in 1970 people don’t want to make too little of this…but it seems like they are also cautious. The revival at Asbury in the early 70s was so pure, so good, and so far reaching, that I can understand the caution.

It looks like things are back to ‘normal’ now…if things can ever be normal after God does a work like this…..

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3 responses to “A Renewal At Asbury”

  1. Alec Dunn Avatar
    Alec Dunn

    I would love to read what you have written about the 1970 Asbury Revival, but can’t see how to access it. Please help.
    Thank you very much.
    Alec Dunn

  2. David Avatar

    Looks like they changed the link for this story. However, I did find some other info about the 2006 renewal. Here are the links:




  3. David Avatar

    Oops…. Here’s a page that has a link for the 1970 revival: http://forerunner.com/asbury/asbury2006.html

    Here’s a book about the 1970 revival…although at this time, it is $45. I wonder if Asbury has some copies that might be a bit cheaper: http://www.amazon.com/One-Divine-Moment-Revival-Softcover/dp/B000RRGC12/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1359781508&sr=8-4&keywords=asbury+revival

    Peace – David.

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