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UMSource Hacked

Well, last night as I was editing the DVD for our VBS, the administrator of the computer I host UMSource off of emailed me to say my website had been hacked. In situations like this, those hacking (or rather craking) don’t do it to deface the website, but rather to get access to the host machine. The Admin took my site offline :(

So, some of you are coming here because of that. I’m working to get UMSource back online, but I don’t have as much time as I once did. Security issues are found all the time and I don’t always have the time to update the site.

For example, the software I run on UMSource is PHPNuke. I’m running version 6.0 and the current version is 7.7. I’ve updated the 6.0 software with all the security fixes, but the real solution is to update to version 7.7. That _usually_means the database tables have to be updated, etc, etc…long story short, most of the time it is a time consuming process.

So, for the time being, enjoy my blog. It is a bit more personal than my UMSource site, but I will try to post some UMSource style articles here.

– Dave.

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