The Christian Movie Establishment vs. Blue Like Jazz

The movie Blue Like Jazz is set to hit movie screens April 13th. I’ve been waiting for this movie to come since I heard Don Miller discuss the possibility quite a few years ago.┬áThe project was on, then off, then saved by an amazing KickStart campaign and now, in less than a month, the movie will be here.

However, this is not your normal Christian movie and that is exactly why I want to go see it. This is also why many, especially Christians, will say Christians should not go to see it. You will have to use your own judgment because, again, this will probably not be like other Christian movies you have been to. Continue reading “The Christian Movie Establishment vs. Blue Like Jazz”

What If The Story was Different?

As I was pondering the account of Joseph (or the story of Joseph) in Genesis 39, I started wondering, what would have happened if Joseph would have given in to Potiphar’s wife’s advances? After all, by not giving in and thus standing up for what was right he ended up in prision. How different would the story be if he had just said, “Sure! Why not? Mr. Potiphar isn’t around, he’ll never know.”

I guess I really don’t want to think about what would have happened. I assume that Joseph wouldn’t have ended up in prision. The bottom line is: The story would have been vastly different. I’m not sure in what way, but, it would have been different.

I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have been as an inspiring story, or a story that sets forth an example . It would have been another story in the motif of Adam and Eve….see the one thing you can’t have, desire it, do it anyway (even though you know it is wrong). Joseph’s story, as is, stands as an example that our actions do matter. Even though we are saved by grace, our actions matter. Our actions have the power to change our story.

So, as I ponder Joseph, I have to ask myself: How different would my story be if I could be more like Joseph? How different would our collective stories be….our story as a people of God, if we, like Joseph, were able to walk (or run) away from that which temps us. It doesn’t really matter if that tempation is sexual in nature, or the desire for power, or recognition, or an easy life.

How different could our stories be…than they are right now?