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  • New TMAP Episode

    Jeff and I were able to get together again and do another episode of our podcast. In this episode we discuss incompetence, Why American Idol is so popular and what we are watching on TV. Join the fun!!! Incompetence and Why American Idol is So Popular

  • Donations for Doctoral Program

    I usually like to have things pretty much mapped out before I start a journey. However, this has not happened with my doctoral program. So, I’m basically stepping out on faith. I’m finding that doctoral programs are not cheap. So, I’m trying to find various ways to fund this adventure I’m on. So far, I…

  • Lost My Domain :(

    Well, I just found out yesterday that my domain (umsourse) expired and goDaddy is charging me $80 to get it back. I’m pretty disappointed considering I can get a new name for about $8. Right now I’m not sure what I’m going to do. I can get a different domain a lot cheaper, or I…

  • Why?

    Why another blog? I already have a few. Yet, at this time I’m applying for Doctoral studies. My track will be Spiritual Formation. I thought I would start a blog with some of my thoughts, findings and ponderings. It might be that after starting my studies, I will end up using my my main blog.

  • The Taco Bell Conversations

    Just posted a new TMAP episode. It is again recorded at a Taco Bell. We decided to ask real college students some questions. You can get the podcast from here