Reading Scripture

A (re)blog post got me thinking…I’m realizing that my understanding of scripture is determined by the context of my life. How then, can I have a ‘fresh’ or ‘new’ reading of Scripture which is more in line with the original understanding of the text. In other words, how can I break free of my "rich, dominant, white, male American" context and be transformed by a truer reading of the text. [the (re)blog]


I use to think of Jesus a certain way and I’m finding more ‘voice’ to my views through N. T. Wright and others in the postmodern genre. Jesus is the one who tries to teach His followers the best possible way to live. Following Jesus doesn’t mean that things will be wonderful in my life, or that everything will work out. Following Jesus doesn’t mean I have to hold on to a set of beliefs and/or dogma. Following Jesus means living life the way He lived it. When I don’t, basically, I am swimming upstream from how life really is and operates. When I choose to live some other way, then I am trying to live a lie. Jesus _is_ the truth. He _is_ the Life. Any other way basically says, I don’t believe that Jesus knew the best way to live. What he calls me to is substandard to another way to live. This has huge implications to how I live and how I lead. It effects my view of sin and why sin is so destructive. Sin becomes trying to live by swimming against the flow of how life really is. Sin is denying the reality of life and living. Sin is trying to find a “new” way to discover abundant life. It just doesn’t work. …more later….

Like Falling Off a Bike


Hmmm….. It is been qite a while since I’ve made an entry. Blogger has changed some things too. Not sure what the number above is (or if it will show up on the post).

Anyway, the past four months have been interesting to say the least. I’m now at my new appointment….still trying to make the transition. I’m learning that I was in denial before I moved. To make a long story short, I made quite a few changes (career, location, house, etc), but I didn’t think it would be that big of a deal. Now, I’ve slowed down a bit.

To be honest, things are going fairly well. The kids have adjusted quite well and really like their new school. That took quite a bit of pressure off.

I’m trying to ‘relearn’ how to be a pastor. Actually, I’m not sure I knew how to be a pastor before. I was all about building a kingdom and trying to impress other people. Now, I’m trying to remember that there isn’t anyone I need to impress. My goal is to listen for the movement of God and move in that direction. At times, I feel like I should be “doing”, but I keep hearing God’s voice moving me in a new direction. Some of my old goals and directions have changed.

I’ve been reading a book by Philip Yancey. I love his writing. It rings true with my soul. Everyday, I’m dealing with people trying to understand what it means to be a christian within the context of their lives. I feel like many times the church doesn’t help with the struggle. Instead of helping people to become all God is calling them to be, the church puts demands and asks a lot of their time of energy.

If there were one thing God was calling the church to do….what would that be?

That question haunts me. My fear is we are so busy doing many things…we aren’t doing the one thing.

enough for now…..Dave.