Fuzzy Thoughts of David

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  • Why?

    Why another blog? I already have a few. Yet, at this time I’m applying for Doctoral studies. My track will be Spiritual Formation. I thought I would start a blog with some of my thoughts, findings and ponderings. It might be that after starting my studies, I will end up using my my main blog.

  • My MAT Test

    Well, I took my MAT test yesterday. I needed a 419 in order to get into the Doctorate program. My “preliminary” score? A 419. I wish I knew there were study aids available for this test. Also, I wish I would have had a liberal arts degree too. There were many questions about literature, history,…

  • More on the Program

    Well, my good friend Curt asked that I be a bit more specific on the Doctoral program I’m looking at. So, I thought I’d just do the update here for all to see. I want my concentration to be in Spiritual Formation, so that left quite a few schools out. I found a program I…