Interstate Batteries and God’s Love

UPDATE: Therefore, I’m turning off the comments since the post is over 11 years old.

I found myself watching football yesterday and a commercial came on basically proclaiming that we need more of God’s love. At first, I thought that it might be one of ‘our’ UMC commercials (which would have been way cool). I also thought that it could be one of the Mormon commercials. When I saw the end of the commercial I was shocked because it was by Interstate Batteries. What do Interstate Batteries have to do with God and his love? Well, I guess the chairman is a strong Christian (He is on the board of Dallas Theological Seminary) and has decided to use his position to spread the message about God’s love. I’ve included the video below that has both a message from the chairman of Interstate Batteries and the commercial itself.


Perhaps Norm Miller can be an inspiration to us all. He is using his ‘place in life’ to spread God’s love the best way he knows how. What would happen if we all followed his example? We might not be a CEO, or able to put commercials on TV, but there is always something we can do to spread and/or share God’s love with those around us. The commercial is right….we certainly need God’s love!