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  • HP Chromebook X2 – Real World Review

    HP Chromebook X2 – Real World Review

    About five or six years ago, I started using Chromebooks. Up to that point, I was squarely in the world of Windows. I loved Windows as an operating system, but grew weary of the slow boots, slow updates, and program conflicts. I was also looking for something cheaper than most of the Windows laptops on…

  • Logos Android Bible App and Chromebook

    Yes, the Logos Android bible app runs just fine on a Chromebook. Here’s a short screen-cast. The app works extremely well and has all the functionality of running it on a phone or tablet.

  • Why I use a Chromebook

    Why I use a Chromebook

    I’m a big fan of Chromebooks. I purchased my first Chomebook, a Toshiba 1st Generation, a few years back. Even though I am comfortable with technology, I love the simplicity, affordability, and how Chromebooks just work allowing me to focus on what matters; my work. More times than I can share, Windows would “get in…