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This article (http://www.theofframp.org/emerging.html)encourages me. I’ve been thinking along these lines for quite a while. However, I’ve felt like I was “odd” as far as the pastorate was concerned. I felt that if I wasn’t part of the ‘church growth’ group or the ‘saddleback’ group or the ‘willow creek’ group, then I wasn’t being faithful, or successful or whatever. In the past six months I have had a transformation. I’m realizing that I can trust God. That God is able to lead me and (on my good days) I am able to follow. I’m learning that I should not feel guilty if I’m following God’s vision…even if that vision doesn’t fit in the current ‘group think’ of church leadership.

This article helps me to redifine where God has been leading me. – Dave.

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