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Sleep Experiment update: Advice from Wesley

It was about 30 days ago that I decided to begin getting up early. For 30 days now my alarm has gone off and I have gotten up without getting back into bed. I find I enjoy my times in the morning, although I am finding this time change thing a bit difficult.

As I was reading today I came across some advice from John Wesley on this very topic:

Yea, and it will be far easier to rise early constantly, than to do it sometimes. But then you must begin at the right end; if you rise early, you must sleep early. Impose it upon yourself, unless when something extraordinary occurs, to go to bed at a fixed hour. Then the difficulty of it will soon be over; but the advantage of it will remain for ever. (Sermon 89, A More Excellent Way)

I’m finding his advice is true! Getting up everyday at the same time is easier than sleeping in and trying to get back in schedule the next day. Also, going to bed early makes a difference too. I guess he was being Mr. Obvious there.

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