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Simplicity on the Naive Side of Complexity


Many Christians have settled for the simplicity on the naïve side of complexity. They do not want to be disturbed by issues that unsettle the status quo and deny them their passions and pleasures. They repeat the elementary truths of the faith over and over again, with little movement toward maturity. In the face of suffering and death, they become as vulnerable and self-centered as non-Christians, sometimes even more so. Success reinforces pride, personal opinion and independence. Failure produces resentment, insecurity and bitterness. They are “saved,” but overwhelmed by waves of popular culture. Their lvies follow the fashions and trends of the age. Beyond a few basic convictions, they remain as opinionated and culture-bound as the next guy. Their understanding of evil and salvation is superficial and simplistic.


– Douglas D. Webster in Finding Spiritual Direction.

Perhaps, in order to understand, agree, or believe that Webster is on the right track, one has to hear the call of God to leave their current level and state of spiritual maturity and begin yearning for something more. Perhaps before we can see our naivety, we must get to a place where we desire God more than anything else; positions, success, respect, fame, or anything else that we believe will fulfill us. Perhaps we must get to the place where we realize that there is nothing that can fulfill our deepest desire other than God. Maybe then, we will realize how we have all along exchanged God for dirty rags. Then, we will know, that Webster is right.

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