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Sabbatical Day 2

Sunday was such a blessing as the church gathered to wish me so long as I begin my sabbatical journey. If it didn’t sink in before, it has now, this is a journey. Steinbeck pointed out that we don’t take trips, trips take us. While I know that’s the case with this sabbatical, I still notice the desire to be in control and to do “this right” whatever that means!

It’s only been two days, but I have been able to spend more time in reading, silence, prayer, and playing music. I’ve also found some time to try a new recipe and program (which I find relaxing and fun).

I’m finding it difficult to lay aside concerns and care for the congregation. I was told this would probably happen. I’m not sure what it would feel like to not have these concerns and cares. I’ve been a pastor for 28 years and being focused on the congregation I serve is what I’m used to.

Yet, I’ve been told when we are finally able to step back and give all of those cares and concerns to God, we discover that God can be trusted to take care of all our concerns and more. We can step away for a while because God never does.

On the way home from church Sunday, I spotted an eagle down the road from our subdivision. If you notice, the eagle doesn’t seem to have any concerns at all. Perhaps he knows something that I still need to learn. God is in control and that is a good thing.

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