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Politics and Gas Prices

I saw a posting on Facebook about gas prices. I tend to be the type of person that always tries to ‘check things out’ to see what I can believe and what is bunk. Well, in my research about the gas prices (and the FB comment), I ran across this article.

It probably won’t make everybody happy, but the guy seems to know what he is talking about and it does make some sense…even if I don’t like it.


Pandering to the Naive

I believe the reason people are so misinformed about the energy markets is because they are listening to people like Newt spew this sort of uninformed tripe. He is helping to dumb down the electorate by offering simplistic and unrealistic solutions to complex problems. Newt’s comments are either based on a fundamental misunderstanding of why gas prices are where they are, or he is just blatantly pandering to people he believes are too naive to understand the issues. Then again, when it comes to gas prices, logic goes out the window and far too many people are perfectly willing to believe all sorts of crazy things.

Let’s try to shed a bit more light on the subject. (Of course, “shedding light” often brings out comments from the sort of people who are ready to take Newt at face value, or who believe it’s all just about oil company greed).

via President Obama’s Role in Current Gas Prices.

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