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Missional Opportunity

I wonder how other people feel about doing "good works" but not "stamping" Jesus all over what we do. I’ve had some conversations with people at my church and many feel it is giving God glory to let people know the reason why we are doing what we are doing is because of what Jesus has done.

After a recent short term mission trip to Thailand to help with tsunami relief on Koh Phi Phi Don Island, I asked myself is there another way to do missions in an emergent context. What I came up with was Flash Mob Missions. There are already several agencies doing work on this island, what they need is people to come and be hands. These agencies are not "Christian" per say, but they are doing the work of the church even if they don’t know it. So I figured why create another organization, with a Christian banner, just to justify the work? So what I have done is created a website with all the details on how to go and serve the people of that Island. Wouldn’t it be a great representation of the church if a couple of hundred Christians from all over just showed up on the island to help? No fan fare, no press, and not "We need to stamp Jesus all over what we do."

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