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Churches seeking marketing-savvy breed of pastor – Yahoo! News

Churches seeking marketing-savvy breed of pastor – Yahoo! News

My friend Jeff sent me an email with this link. It is a pretty good article… Here are (a few) of my thoughts:

I was struck by this quote:


“Nearly every pastor is a salesman or a marketer of one kind or another because … we have a philosophy to sell,” he says. “The best marketers and best salesmen will have more converts, will have more people, will take in more money…. Evangelicals are marketers because they’re really passionate about their product.”


So, what we are selling is a certain “philosophy” that, I guess, we believe is better than the other philosphies. I guess the end always justifies the means because after all, isn’t it all about having more converts, people and money! I wonder which of the three are the most important ;)

Anyway, this really says something, I believe, about where we are at as a Church. I know we UMs have issues, but I’m not sure evangelicalism is in a much better boat. Yes, some churches are reaching large groves of people, yet, the command was to make disciples not make converts, or people or money.

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