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AT&T To Increase Handset Upgrade

At&T is set to increase their fees for upgrading phones. I guess I don’t understand why any carrier would “give away” phones for “free” yet charge for an upgrade fee. Actually I do understand why. We want “free” phones. This is a way that AT&T and give customers what they want, while still charging something.

Just gives me more reason to stay on my current GoPhone plan. Yes, I have to buy my phones outright, but at least I know what I’m paying upfront without any of these “upgrade” fees. See article after the break.

In a move that is likely to upset every single AT&T customer to some degree, the nation’s number two carrier has decided that its current upgrade fee (a cost tacked on whenever a current customer renews their contract and gets a new phone) isn’t covering the rising cost of subsidized smartphones. The current upgrade fee is $18, and will soon be doubled to $36, matching the current fee at Sprint.

via AT&T To Increase Handset Upgrade Fee To $36 From $18, Citing Increased Costs For New Handsets, Starting February 12.

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