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A Thought From Vacation

I have no idea how others are able to post to their blogs while on vacation.
Right now, I finally have a few moments and thought I’d try a post during
my vacation. It seems like a geeky thing to do. Also, if all works well, I’ll
have wireless access my last day of vacation and I can do a post via my
Tunsten handheld.

After reading some blogs this week (I’ve been able to keep up with some of
the blogs I read because of my wireless Tunsten), I’ve begin to think of
‘culture’ as it relates to established traditional churches. There are some
who are diving deep into various cultures to try to understand the mindset
so they can be missional. What if, the establish traditional (or even not so
traditional) churches need the same missional reach. After all, many
established churches have been around for a long time and they have their
own culture; a culture that has become ingrown. The question for me is,
how does one infiltrate and effect this culture? It is a culture that has
taken decades to create. It isn’t going to disappear over night.

One of my fears is, those who are more missional in nature, will choose to
leave these churches because the culture is so quasi-christian, that those
within the culture can convince themselves they are doing the work of God
and so they have no motivation to change.

My hope and prayer is that various missional minded pastors will begin to
see the churches they serve in a new light and begin the difficult task of
reaching the established traditional church so that they might become a
missional community doing the Kingdom work of God.

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