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A Difficult Faith

I was reading a section from Urban T. Holmes, III A History of Christian Spirituality and something caught my eye. As Holmes was discussion Richard Baxter and his classic work The Reformed Pastor he had this comment, "He is more rigid than Ignatius ever was, however. We must not be too hard on Baxter. He wanted to make things simple, which usually gets us in trouble because we end up being moralistic and pietistic. (Pg 130)"

I immediately recognized the reality of this. When I try to make my faith simple, it ends up being legalistic. It is much easier to "not swear" than it is to "build others up with what I say" (Ephesians. 4:29 ). It is much simpler saying, "Give 10%" than it is to give generously and make all that we have available to how God wants to use it. It is much easier to say "don’t do this," or "don’t do that," than it is to show compassion to those around me.

Yet, I want a simple faith. I want the black and white. I want the do and don’t list. I want the road map to heaven, but that is not what I’m given. Instead I’m given a still small voice deep within that calls me to love even when I don’t feel like it. I’m given a whisper (Is. 30:21) telling me which way is the right way.

I’ve discovered that true faith is a difficult faith. It is a faith that drives me to my knees and calls me to quiet my life long enough to hear. It is a faith of knocking, seeking, asking and not giving up.

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