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Category: Technology

  • N. T. Wright on Digital Tools for Bible Study

    N. T. Wright sat down with Logos to discuss digital tools for Bible study, the importance of original language study, some favorite books, and more. He has some very enlightening comments and calls for a bigger global vision. Check it out!

  • Upgraded

    I just upgraded this site to the new version of WordPress. It went surprisingly smooth. Now I can post from my iPod. I keep thinking I should resurrect this now that I’m working on my dissertation. I’m hoping this doesn’t get sent to facebook.

  • Google Wave and Me

    I signed up for Google Wave the day they announced it. I’ve been patiently waiting. Friday, I finally received my invitation. From my limited exposure to it, I would say it is a service I want to use, but I’m not sure why. I can think of several collaborative projects where it would be helpful,…

  • Why I’ve Cooled on Twitter and Facebook

    I have been a Twitter user since February 2007. At first I did not use Twitter too much. But after I found TweetDeck I discovered that Twitter could be a very useful too. I was able to connect with people, get news stories, and ended up discovering new things on the internet. Some of the…

  • A Methodist Experiment

    Kevin Watson at http://deeplycommitted.com has started an experiment to see how much social capital Methodist bloggers have. This experiment was prompted by the feeling among some Methodist bloggers that United Methodism does not always do as good of a job as it could at getting the Wesleyan message out there, particularly on-line. So, he wants…