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  • The Sacred Journey

    The Sacred Journey

    Specks and Logs Jesus gathers the crowd and begins teaching. What he teaches is important if they are going to live the life of God’s kingdom. During his teaching, he tells them what has been accepted as commonplace will not be the way of God’s kingdom. One area of kingdom life is how we interact…

  • Life Seems Hard – Because it Is

    Life Seems Hard – Because it Is

    Lights Off I was in the mood for a milkshake, so we drove to the local Arby’s. The parking lot was empty and we didn’t notice any lights on which was odd for a Sunday evening. Nevertheless, we drove to the drive-up window to place our order. That’s when we saw the sign. It was…

  • The Universe’s Message

    The Universe’s Message

    The Universe Cries Out “The joy is in the journey.” I never understood that statement. For me, joy is getting to the destination, to finally being “done”. “Once I get to the destination,” I would tell myself, “I can finally rest.” That’s a great thought. That one point to finally sit back and rest. However,…

  • Open Wide and Say…YES!

    Open Wide and Say…YES!

    Visiting the Grand Cayon during my sabbatical was amazing. The day was beautiful and warm, with very few, if any, clouds. It was going to be a great day to visit the canyon. We arrived, parked the car in one of the parking lots, and made our way to the visitor center. We then walked…

  • Fear Factor

    Fear Factor

    For several years we had a cat that liked to be left alone. She was a stray that showed up in our garage and we couldn’t get her to leave. After several weeks, we gave in, realizing that the cat had chosen us as her family, and we accepted her as a permanent resident. She…