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My name is David Mullens and I’ve been blogging here for over 15 years. I am a pastor, spiritual director, and an ICF trained non-directive coach. I seek to help people find clarity. While I have helped congregants and others through preaching and teaching, I find non-directive coaching an effective means to help individuals create action plans, moving them forward and toward their goals.

Non-directive coaching helps clients find focus, determine what they really want, and how they might get there. This method of coaching recognizes that you are the expert of your life. The coach does not tell you what to do. The coach’s role is to help you think through what you really want and create actionable steps to get there. Coaching helps individuals move from where they are to where they want to be.

I can help you understand what you really want, discover “sticking points”, see options, create action plans, and move forward. I am an ICF trained coach working toward my accreditation. Coaching will help you will find clarity, direction, and a plan.

For more information about my coaching and how to connect with a community focused on the pursuit of purpose, check out my site MovingTowardClarity.com. Moving Toward Clarity is an attempt to create a community around the pursuit of purpose, moving into the future with confidence, and living into our unique and communal calling of God. I hope it becomes a community focused on helping one another move forward, becoming all God has create us to be.

Over the past five or six years, I’ve learned a lot about leadership. I decided it was probably time to capture some of this for whomever might find my mistakes and experience helpful.

Here is a bit more about me: I received a doctorate in 2011 from Asbury Theological Seminary in the area of Spiritual Formation. I am certified spiritual director through the Epiphany Association in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a pastor in the United Methodist Church, but have also worked as a systems administrator and a Java Developer. I am also an ICF trained coach. I have a wife, four children, and a couple of cats that call our garage home. I have a undergrad degree in computer technology. My interests are spiritual formation, music (I play guitar), and most types of technology.

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3 responses to “About”

  1. bryan rice Avatar
    bryan rice

    your 12-week reflection guide is password protected?

    1. David Avatar

      I provided that for individuals in my dissertation project. There isn’t too much to it since my study was on silence and solitude. However, I did send the password to you via email if you are interested. – David.

  2. Brett white Avatar
    Brett white

    I love the title your blog. I ran up on it through a back link somewhere… I found it interesting that you’re in ministry and into programming and stuff. I’d love to be in touch and ask you a few things.

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