Welcome to the site! My name is David Mullens and I’ve been blogging here for quite a few years. Recently (May 2016), I decided to head in a new direction. For most of my “blogging life” I didn’t take it too seriously. I would write when I felt like it and wasn’t very consistent. I thought that since I wasn’t a mega-church pastor, there wouldn’t be many people who would be interested in reading what I write.

What I’m realizing is 1) blogging is mostly for me to work out or capture ideas and 2) even though I’m not a mega-church pastor, most pastors aren’t. Most pastors are serving churches like the one I serve. While we can learn from pastors who serve much larger congregation, there is something about connecting and sharing with those who are serving churches like ours.

From 2003 – 2015 I served a church that averaged between 120 – 135 in average attendance. I am now serving (since 2015) a church that averages around 200 in attendance. Over the past five or six years, I’ve learned a lot about leadership and finding ways to restructure for growth. I decided it was probably time to capture some of this for whomever might find my mistakes and experience helpful.

Here is a bit more about me: I received a doctorate in 2011 from Asbury Theological Seminary in the area of Spiritual Formation. I am currently (2016) finishing up a certification program for spiritual formation through the Epiphany Association in Pittsburgh, PA. I am a pastor in the United Methodist Church, but have also worked as a systems administrator and a Java Developer. I have a wife, four children, and a couple of cats that call our garage home. I have a undergrad degree in computer technology. My interests are spiritual formation, music (I play guitar), and most types of technology.

Hopefully this blog can be a place for sharing our experiences.

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    1. I provided that for individuals in my dissertation project. There isn’t too much to it since my study was on silence and solitude. However, I did send the password to you via email if you are interested. – David.

  1. David
    I love the title your blog. I ran up on it through a back link somewhere… I found it interesting that you’re in ministry and into programming and stuff. I’d love to be in touch and ask you a few things.

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